2018 Ann Arbor conference schedule

HKSNA 2018 Conference

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Schedule Overview

P = Paper;  LR = Lecture-recital;  MR = Mini-recital

Venue information below.

Wednesday May 9

1:00 pm Harpsichord Masterclass with Edward Parmentier

Britton Recital Hall

Presentation Session 1: Amateur Instrument and Music-Making

Britton Recital Hall Vivian Montgomery, chair

3:30 pm Alexandra Cade

Music for All: Amateur Piano Making in Antebellum America (P)

4:00 pm Jim March

Hitchcock Spinet No. 1241: An Amateur Builder’s Adventure (LR)

4:30 pm Rebecca Burkart

Amateur Music Making in 18th Century England

and the Compositions of Ignatius Sancho (P)

5:00 pm Judith Conrad, clavichord and voice

Domestic Music from the Time of the Thirty Years War (MR)

7:00 pm Pre-Concert Talk

Joseph Gascho

7:30 pm Opening Concert

Early Keyboards in Context: Solo Works, Lieder, and Concerti

Works of Mozart, Schubert, J.S. Bach and others

First Congregational Church, 608 E. William St.

Matthew Bengtson, fortepiano; Penelope Crawford, fortepiano;

Joseph Gascho, harpsichord; Ellen Hargis, soprano;

and Kola Owolabi, organ

9:00 pm Post-Concert Reception

First Congregational Church, The Pilgrim Room

Thursday May 10

8:30 am Coffee

The Brehm Lobby

Presentation Session 2: Kenner und Liebhaber in German Organ Music

Blanche Anderson Moore Recital Hall Kola Owolabi, chair

9:00 am Sarah Davies

From Liebhaber to Kenner: German Keyboard Notations and the Training

of Organists, with reference to “The Michigan Organ Tablature” (LR)

9:30 am Julia Dokter

Tempo Relationships in Bach’s ‘Fugue in E-flat major’ BWV 552/2, from

ClavierUbung III (P)

10:00 am James Kibbie

For Music-Lovers and Connoisseurs: J.S. Bach’s Clavierübung III (LR)

10:30 am 15-minute break

Presentation Session 3: Organ Chorales

Blanche Anderson Moore Recital Hall David Kelzenberg, chair

10:45 am Max Yount

Let me count the ways; love of an ancient melody (MR)

11:15 am Sarah Simko

Chorale Settings of Matthias Weckmann for Organ

and Their Liturgical Uses (LR)

12:00 pm Student Carillon Concert

Students of Professor Tiffany Ng, featuring a world premiere

of Margot Murdoch’s Abgestufte Liebhaber

The Lurie Carillon (Recommended listening space: Gerstacker Grove)

12:30 pm Concurrent Lunchtime Events

A. Builders’ Workshops in Watkins Lecture Hall

12:30 – 1:10 Paul Irvin:

Making Your Early Keyboard More Historical

1:10 – 1:50 Robert Brooke:

Q & A – Harpsichord Maintenance

B. Carillon Crash Courses (Duderstadt Center, Carillon Practice Room)

Presentation Session 4: C.P.E. Bach’s Works for Kenner und Liebhaber

Britton Recital Hall Matthew Bengtson, chair

2:00 pm Darrell Berg

The “Kenner und Liebhaber” Collections (P)

2:30 pm Andrew Willis

Accommodating Liebhaber: ‘Easy’ Pieces by C. P. E. Bach (LR)

3:00 pm Wayne Petty

“Kenner, Liebhaber, Kenner und Liebhaber”: Assessing Style Change in

the Keyboard Sonatas of C. P. E. Bach (P)

3:30 pm C.P. E. Bach Roundtable Discussion

Darrell Berg, Wayne Petty, Andrew Willis

Matthew Bengtson, moderator

4:00 pm 15-minute break

Presentation Session 5: Continuo and Partimento

McIntosh Theatre Ruta Bloomfield, chair

4:15 pm Jeong-Suk Bae

Rediscovering a Pedagogical Tool for Composition and Improvisation:

Bernardo Pasquini’s Fourteen Solo Partimenti (P)

4:45 pm Manuel Dahme

The Manuductio by Philipp Jacob Böddecker:

A practical guide to basso continuo playing (P)

5:15 pm Thérèse de Goede

“The poor scollars are tormented…”:

Continuo teaching in the 17th and 18th centuries (P)

7:15 pm Pre-Concert Talk

Kenneth Drake

8:00 pm Evening Concert:

Beethoven and the 1816 Broadwood Piano

Cullan Bryant, Jun-Hee Han, and Janice Wenger, fortepiano;

Steven Tharp, tenor; Jerilyn Jorgensen, violin

Britton Recital Hall

Friday May 11

8:30 am Coffee

The Brehm Lobby

Presentation Session 6: Early Italian Keyboard Music

Blanche Anderson Moore Recital Hall Rob Brooke, chair

9:00 am Alexander Meszler

Music for Amateurs? Reevaluating Andrea Antico’s Frottole of 1517 (LR)

9:30 am Marcos Krieger

The 1598 Intavolatura d’Organo Facilissima: Early Practical Repertoire for

Organists (P)

10:00 am M. Luisa Baldassari

Music for Beginners and Music for Professionals: Keyboard Tablatures in

Southern Italy Between the 16th and 17th Centuries (LR)

10:30 am 15-minute break

Presentation Session 7: Harpsichord Recitals

Britton Recital Hall Gregory Crowell, chair

10:45 am Satono Norizuki

John Blow’s Artistic Solo Harpsichord Music (MR)

11:15 am Yago Mahugo

Three Centuries of Women Composers (MR)

12:00 pm Faculty Carillon Concert: Baroque Bells

Tiffany Ng, University of Michigan Carilloneur

The Lurie Carillon (Recommended listening space: Gerstacker Grove)

12:30 pm Concurrent Lunchtime Events

A. Builders’ Workshops in Watkins Lecture Hall

12:30-1:10 – David Sutherland:

Comparing Florentine and Viennese Pianos

1:10 – 1:50 – Anne Acker:

Q&A – 18th and 19th C. Piano Restoration, Care, and Maintenance

B. Carillon Crash Courses (Duderstadt Center, Carillon Practice Room)

Presentation Session 8: The Michigan Clavichord Society

McIntosh Theatre Judith Nelson, chair

2:00 pm Gregory Crowell

Victor Hammer and the Clavichord from 1929: A Story of Survival and

Resurrection (P)

2:30 pm Carol lei Breckenridge

The Clavichord and Cantabile in Fantasies by J.S. and C.P.E. Bach (LR)

3:00 pm Paul Irvin

Different But The Same – Musical Qualities of Historical Clavichords (P)

3:30 pm Carol lei Breckenridge, Gregory Crowell, Martha Folts

An Arrangement of a C.P.E. Trio for Three Clavichords (MR)

4:00 pm 15-minute break

Presentation Session 9: Italian Harpsichord Music

Britton Recital Hall Elaine Funaro, chair

4:15 pm Natalie Khatibzadeh

From Francesco Gasparini to Domenico Scarlatti: Exploring Harmonic

Possibilities at the Harpsichord (LR)

4:45 pm Nina Campbell and Michael Unger

Scarlatti’s Left Hand (LR)

5:15 pm David Sutherland and Andrew Willis

The Keyboard Sonata in Italy in the Late Baroque, 1700-1750 (LR)

6:15 pm HKSNA Board Meeting/Dinner

The Mayflower Room, First Congregational Church

7:15 pm Pre-Concert Talk

Helmut Schick

8:00 pm Evening Concert

The Wilhelm Organ (1985) and the Poggi Virginal (late 16th Century)

Charles Metz, virginal

Michael Unger, organ

First Congregational Church, 608 E. William St.

Saturday May 12

8:30 am Coffee

The Brehm Lobby

Presentation Session 10: Harpsichord Solo and Duo

Britton Recital Hall Carol lei Breckenridge, chair

9:00 am John Mortensen

Reviving Historical Improvisation for Professionals and Amateurs (LR)

9:30 am David Chung

A selection of pieces attributed to ‘Mr. Couperin’

in Bauyn and Parville manuscripts (MR)

10:00 am Vivian Montgomery and Albano Berberi

En Concert Mais Non Conformé: Opposing Works for Harpsichord Duo

10:30 am 15-minute break

Presentation Session 11: J.S. Bach Keyboard Works

McIntosh Theatre Sonia Lee, chair

10:45 am Shin Hwang

Harpsichord Music of J.S. Bach (MR)

11:15 am Jonathan Salamon

Programmatic Elements in Light of Kenner und Liebhaber in J.S. Bach’s

Capriccio, BWV 992 (LR)

Lunchtime Events

12:00pm Kenneth Slowik

William Dowd Retrospective

Watkins Lecture Hall

12:45 Exhibitors’ Demonstrations

Moore Buildings Rooms 1370, 1374, 1378

Presentation Session 12: Fortepiano

Britton Recital Hall Randall Love, chair

2:00 pm Robin Morace and Robert Garbarz

Solo and Accompanied Sonatas for the Fortepiano (MC)

2:30 pm Mario Aschauer

“He Still Belonged to the Old School of Good Pianoforte Players”

Schubert and Tradition in Viennese Fortepiano Culture (P)

3:00 pm Thomas Green

Stephen Heller and the Inevitable Influence of Chopin (P)

3:30 pm Stephanie Schmidt and Robert Garbarz

Violino obbligato (MC)

4:00 pm 15-minute break

Presentation Session 13: Alienor and Contemporary Music

McIntosh Theatre Mark Janello, chair

4:15 pm Imbi Tarum

Contemporary Estonian harpsichord music (MR)

4:45 pm Thomas Donahue and Mark Janello

Two Alienor Premieres (MR)

5:15 pm Composer’s Roundtable Discussion

Mark Janello, moderator

6:00 pm Banquet and HKSNA General Membership Meeting

Hankinson Rehearsal Hall

7:15 pm Pre-Concert Lecture by Elaine Funaro

8:00 pm Evening Concert

An Aliénor Retrospective: 1982-2018

Britton Recital Hall, The Moore Building, 1100 Baits Dr.

10:00 pm Closing Reception

The Brehm Lobby



First Congregational Church, 608 E. William St.

The University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Moore Building, 1100 Baits. Dr.

Blanche Anderson Moore Recital Hall

Brehm Lobby

Britton Recital Hall

McIntosh Theatre

Hankinson Rehearsal Hall

Watkins Lecture Hall

Classooms 1370, 1374, 1378